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New Driver and Car Maintenance Skills

This is an evening training session where you will acquire the basic automotive maintenance skills needed when owning your first vehicle. It runs Monday-Thursday and lasts 2-3 hours depending on the ability and requirements of the group.

The training course is aimed primarily at learner drivers but is also suitable for anyone who feels they lack confidence and/or basic knowledge or their motor vehicle.

The session will run in a fully operational automotive workshop with a vehicle technician who has less at least 10 years experience working in the automotive industry. You will be in a group of no more than 10 people, allowing opportunities for you to talk personally with the instructor.

On a typical training session the automotive technician will cover aspects including checking the oil and brake fluid level, changing a wheel, fitting wiper blades, topping up coolant, dealing with a flat battery and many of the elements you are typically asked during a driving test.

We recommended that everyone completing this training course takes a hands on approach. However, this is not compulsory and you are welcome to learn through observing the instructor talking you through the various stages as they complete the work.

If you have any specific information you would like covered in the session please include details in your enquiry and we will do our best to accomodate your requirements.